Etheraudio DAC for Music 05


This Device is named DAC For Music and was created entirely to experience the ultimate pleasure – Listening to the music. Created for those, who want to hear the music passing trough the audio-system and coming to you with all its splendor, without remaining there …

  • Etheraudio device, transforming your Mac /PC into a High-End audio player

  • New generation Etheraudio Digital Filter with extremely high phase correctness

  • Analogue audio amplification stage with modified vacuum tube 6N1P-EB with stabilized stage power supply by Etheraudio EA147 plasma stabilizer

  • Modified by Etheraudio BURR-BROWN® PCM2704 DAC integrated circuit

  • Digital clock, stabilized with special Etheraudio laminar ether stabilizer

  • Classic mains power supply transformer with extremely low EM emission

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

if you are looking for lots of Bits, large Kilohertz and many Zeroes, while listening to the music is not the highest priority, look elsewhere …