Etheraudio 360 Degrees Bass DIY Horn Loudspeaker


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Криейтив Комънс договор
DIY Озвучителното тяло Centaur, създадено от Etheraudio се разпространява и под Криейтив Комънс Признание-Споделяне на споделеното 3.0 Нелокализиран договор.
Криейтив Комънс договор
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Centaur 360 Degrees Bass Emission DIY Loudspeaker Enclosure

This DIY Loudspeaker Enclosure construction plans are freely distributed for all those who wish to take advantage of backloaded horn fullrange sound.

Centaur is Suitable for Ether real fullrange  drivers of 5th, 6th and 7th generation and other kinds of 8″ full range drivers

centaur 33 2 Centaur Overview centaur-3d1-skp  centaur-3d2-skp centaur-3d3-skp Centaur Finished Photo

 centaur numbering 33 3

Centaur – Parts Numbering Overview

 centaur-3d4-skp Centaur Finished Photo
Centaur – Parts 1/5  Centaur – Parts 2/5 Centaur – Parts 3/5 Centaur – Parts 4/5  Centaur – Parts 5/5

Frequency response Centaur

Centaur Frequency Response

System impedance chart Centaur

Centaur Impedance Response

* Frequency and Impedance Response is measured with Ether 7.1x driver, mounted on Centaur Loudspeaker enclosure at 1 watt/1 meter in 20 sq.meter room

Centaur 360 - 3D Model

Download SketchUP 3D model

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