Etheraudio Music Friendly Playbill

These are the brilliant insights of many musicians that we think will make psychedelic music with messages that change us to complete beings on planet Earth.


Lester Bowie’s brass fantasy – „Twilight Dreams“
Hector Zazou & Sahara Blue Orchestra
Hector Zazou – „Lights in the Dark“
Трио „Приказка“ – „Ултрамарин“
John Zorn – „More news for Lulu“
Carlos Bica & Azul feat. Special Guest DJ Illvibe* ‎– Believer
Irfan – Irfan
Henry Purcell – Dido and Aeneas
Michel Portal · Léon Francioli · Pierre Favre – Arrivederci Le Chouartse
Zelwer – La Fiancee Aux Yeux De Bois
Lambarena – “Bach to Africa”
Kraftwerk – „Minimum-Maximum“
Trick Deck – „Trick Deck“
Carla Bley – „Social Studies“
Outback – „Dance the Devil Away“
Nicola Alesini & Pier Luigi Andreoni -„Marco Polo“
Portishead – „Dummy“
Dino Saluzzi, Anthony Cox, David Friedman ‎– Rios
I Start Counting ‎– Catalogue
Shpongle – „Nothing Lasts … But Nothing is Lost“
Dead Can Dance ‎– „Spiritchaser“
Aphex Twin – „Come to Daddy“
Dead Can Dance – „The Serpent’s Egg“
Fila Brazillia – „Dicks“
Younger Brother – „The Last Days of Gravity“
Irfan – Seraphim
Kölner Saxophon Mafia – „Live“
Arto Lindsay ‎– „Invoke“
Dead Can Dance – „Into The Labyrinth“
Ellen Allien ‎– „Remix Collection“
Michael Franks – „One Bad Habit“
Balkansky -„Kuker“
Sidsel Endresen, Bugge Wesseltoft ‎– „Out Here. In There.“
Agnes Buen Garnås & Jan Garbarek ‎– Rosensfole
Röyksopp ‎– „Melody A.M.“
Sandoz ‎– Digital Lifeforms (Redux)
Jean-Jacques Perrey / Luke Vibert ‎– Moog Acid
Cyro Baptista ‎– „Banquet Of The Spirits“
Morthem Vlade Art ‎– „Photography In Things“
Various ‎– Living Stereo 60 CD Collection“

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