Music Friendly Concept

M usic Friendly© Concept by Etheraudio means that every single building block of audio system contributes to the most faithful reproduction of music

This relatively simple design is a symbiosis between a sensual way of MUSIC reproduction and versatile appearance.

This is a concept which is composed of subjective judgments and technical requirements, which main goal is to improve people’s lives through the music.

The existing world appears to be an endless melody. Let us hear and feel more of it.

Music Friendly© Technical Requirements:

– 10 kg rule – every building component of audio system must weight at least 10 kilograms. Quoted weight  is absolute minimum requirement.

– 3 point support and suspension of audio components

– Cast ALNICO magnet system in acoustic transducers – microphone or speaker

– Real Full Range Driver in Horn Loaded Loudspeaker Enclosure

– Single Ended Vacuum Amplifier Elements without negative AC feedback

– Silver Solid Core Wiring

– Non-magnetic body of Signal Processing Components

– Separated Power Supply Unit

– Wide Spectrum Phase Correctness

Interaction with Music Friendly Etheraudio products is completely intuitive and requires no instructions or training.
The power switch and connectors, volume control, signal input and output connectors are arranged in a way that makes their purpose clear.

Etheraudio Recommended Music Friendly© Playlist

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