Transformed CD Players

  Transformed by Etheraudio CD -players  

Such comprehensive transformation makes the units some of the best sounding CD-players in the world and all the other CD-players meaningless

The chassis has been transformed totally non-resonant and non-magnetic. Weight of а single unit exceeds 20 kg

Special Etheraudio Fidelibase* non resonant type legs

Rebuild from scratch Power supply units of both digital and analog domains – new PSU transformers, chokes  and special invented by Eetheraudio Plasma Stabilizers

Non-resonant transport, equipped with flywheel

Digital clock is stabilized with special invented by Etheraudio Laminar Ether Stabilizer

Modified by Etheraudio DAC Chips (PCM58, PCM64, DAC729) with Etheraudio invented unique Ether Stabilizer

Analogue signal vacuum tube amplification with all paths solid core silver wiring

Etheraudio Silver Power Supply Cable

Optional: Vacuum tube Headphones amplifier

Creative Commons Licensing Pending  Article for Etheraudio Fidelibase*

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