Real Fullrange Driver

Ether 7.1.12 is totally handcrafted real full range alnico driver, produced with unique purpose: to play the Music!

That’s why its essence, all of its components and appearance is subordinated to this general dedication.

Moving parts topology, voice coil, magnetic and demodulation system, chassis, T/S parameters, frequency response and all the rest details are consequence from this zealously pursued goal:

MUSIC FRIENDLY reproduction

Construction of Ether 7.1.12 real full range driver is a result from development and numerous empirical experiments for more than 20 years!

If you want to hear the air in your music…


Every single Ether 7.1.12 is totally handcrafted and tuned!

Ether 7.1.12 is a Real Full Range Alnico Driver

Ethet 7.1.12 has an Unique Cast Alnico Magnet and Demodulation system, designed to reproduce as accurately as possible signals with subtle levels.



Etheraudio statement is that Cast Alnico 5.6 magnet system is closest to the maximal phase correctness which allows most accurate positioning of the signals with lowest levels. This in turn allows full depth and closest to the real reproduction of the sound. 


Each Ether driver or Ether driver based horn loudspeaker enclosure, requires minimum 100 hours of play up in order special magnet system and elasticity of materials to achieve normal working condition and listed parameters.


 Thielle – Small Parameters

Resonance Frequency Fs = 55 Hz
DC resistance Re = 3.5 Ohm
Equivalent volume Vas = 31 liter
Electrical Q factor Qes = 0.708
Mechanical Q factor Qms = 7.38
Total Q factor Qtd = 0.646
Max linear excursion Xmax = 6mm
Moving mass Mms – 10gramm average
Sensitivity S.P.L. 96dB/W(m) Average for 50Hz – 16KHz


Frequency Response*

(Frequency Response is measured with Ether 7.1.12 driver mounted on Little 37 Loudspeaker enclosure at 1 watt/1 meter in 20 m2 room )


Impedance Response

(Free air Impedance Response of  Ether 7.1.12)


Mechanical and mounting data

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