Fullrange Horn Loudspeakers

Etheraudio is a provider of integral music reproduction solutions, covering main MUSIC FRIENDLY
analog and digital audio formats.

Front end and most significant component of this integral solution are Etheraudio back-loaded horn loudspeaker enclosures.

Etheraudio offers range of totally handcrafted horn loudspeakers, covering different customer perceptions and understandings.

If you want to hear the air in your music…

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Real Fullrange Driver

Ether 7.1.12 is totally handcrafted real full range alnico driver, produced with unique purpose: to play the Music!

That’s why its essence, all of its components and appearance is subordinated to this general dedication.

Moving parts topology, voice coil, magnetic and demodulation system, chassis, T/S parameters, frequency response and all the rest details are consequence from this zealously pursued goal:

MUSIC FRIENDLY reproduction

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Audio Things

Totally Handcrafted Power Supply and Audio Cables, made of  Variety of Silver Alloys,  specially developed for maximal correctness of music reproduction

All materials and combinations of them, used in the production of the cables, are certified by real listening of MUSIC FRIENDLY program, before final verification, aiming maximum phase correctness

If you want to hear the air in your music…

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